Baclaran Church

As I always admit, I do not go to church every Sunday.  However, August 13, 2006 is a more complete Sunday since I was able to push myself to go to my favorite church.

Baclaran3 Baclaran, Redemptorist Church for me is the place where I can clearly pray.  I can still remember when I was in college that I went to Baclaran on some Wednesdays to recite and sing along the immaculate novena for the Mother of Perpetual Help.  I even remember during my early childhood days playing at the aisle of this church and wonder how I could reach those colorful balloons at the church’s ceiling that have flown and skipped other children’s hands.

Surprisingly, every time I come in this place, I feel that my prayer is so complete.  People who have gone to this place may say otherwise, but not for me.  Other Catholics will admit that there are some churches where they can focus praying better than the one in Baclaran.

Baclaran2 Moreover, going to Baclaran is a feat in itself.  It’s like climbing Mount Banahaw (which, by the way, I already did).  Why? It is because before you can reach the church, you need to penetrate the hoards of people coming in and going out of the church; those sampaguita vendors who would offer their merchandise right to your already oily face; those jeepneys calling and waiting for passengers since they are about to start their route may it be going to Monumento, Divisoria and Sta. Cruz in the north or to Alabang, Zapote and Bacoor in the south; those big black loud speakers playing songs from pirated CDs; those mini-colored TVs running pirated DVDs; those mouthwatering lechons (roasted pigs) for sale being displayed on the street; those carts cooking ‘isaw’ and ‘tokneneng’; those vendors barking aloud their various commodities for sale (curtains, posters of Phoebe Cates, graded eyeglasses, blouses, calculators, slippers, panties, fruits, bottles of ‘pamparegla’, and a lot more); plus other people with varying reasons why they are there.  It is so surprising that as soon as you step in the gates of the church, all these mayhems seem suddenly gone.  It’s suddenly calm and you would feel a sigh of relief.  It’s like being home after a serious battle.

Maybe this is the reason why I love going to this church.  It’s like being rewarded by reaching the House of God after passing through the tough hurdles in life.

Fresh Brief Experience

I wanna be your hot tub when you’re dippin’;
I wanna be your bathrobe when you’re drippin’;
I wanna be your cocktail baby when you’re sippin’;
I just wanna be right there more than anything;

I swear I wanna be your UNDERWEAR!

                                                Bryan Adams (from the song ‘Underwear’)

For me, it is the most important piece of article…  It is the first thing that you put on and the last thing you take off!

Underwear has gone a long way from simply the ‘necessary undergarment’ to a brazen fashion statement.  I credit Calvin Klein and Victoria’s Secret for spearheading the unveiling of this culture by having their delicious models strut the runway or featuring them in giant billboards clad only in their CK or VS undergarments.

UnderwearGone are the days when people would ridicule a soul whose underwear is showing (Aaaay! Kita Panty!).  Today, showing off the waistband of your branded brief or an evident thong underneath a body hugging slacks is actually considered a gesture of style and freedom.  Walking inside the mall carrying a paper bag from a lingerie or underwear boutique is now voguish and tasteful.

Brief_1 Due to this revolution, infinite number of colors and styles of underwear has come out – classic cut, bikini cut, French cut, boxers, boxer brief, hip brief, thong, etc. There are even underwears with iPod pockets!  Also, various fabrics have been utilized – pure cotton, silk, satin, velvet and even leather.  I wonder when the Pinoys will start using our indigenous fabrics like piña, sinamay, abaca and jusi!

Madonna chuvaness

After watching CNN for the past few nights to update myself on current world affairs, I just can’t help putting this in my blog.  A picture of Madonna in her Confessions World Tour while performing ‘Forbidden Love’


This is a meaningful wish from the queen of pop on harmony between the Crescent Moon (Arabs) and the Star of David (Israelis).  Love her, love her, love her!  She is such a smart woman.  I will never get to see her concert live but I totally wish with her on this!

Obstacle Course… Pasay City Style

Pasay Pasay City is one of the four original cities of Metro Manila.  Though it is a pioneering city of the metropolis, development is tremendously slow.  One reason is because of a deep-rooted long history of corruption in the local government.

In 2004 the city lived up to its tagname "Aim High Pasay!" when the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) gave the honor to a Barangay in Pasay as the dirtiest in Metro Manila overthrowing the classic and world renowned Smokey Mountain on top of the list.

Dog2 Walking along the streets of Pasay is like being subjected to an obstacle course beating those difficult yet challenging trails in the popular TV show ‘Amazing Race’.  Full concentration and focus is needed while trekking for you might fall victim to an experience that is beyond human comprehension!  Here are the top seven obstacles you have to surpass ala ‘Fear Factor’ episode when walking along the streets of Pasay:

Top 7    Slippery wet alleyways, streets and roads due to outdated and leaking city plumbing system and poor, if not lacking, household drainage

Top 6    Creepy ‘Taong Grasa’ (loony, psychotic or schizophrenic mortals)

Top 5  – Disgusting vomit from beer-bellied souls who have been nauseously drunk the previous night

Top 4    Scary half-naked, red-eyed and stick figured drug addicts

Top 3  – Deadly and filthy street dogs that has yet to be injected with anti-rabies

Top 2  – Noisy, dirty and sour-smelling kids with ‘kuto’ (hair lice) being products of population explosion

Top 1  – Yucky dog poop

My English 101

Tv There has been a new name for television.  It is now called the modern day nanny.  Busy working parents nowadays would have no choice but to leave their children in front of a television.

  A lot of people would say that TV will not give any benefit to a growing child.  Some even calls TV as an ‘idiot-box’.  I beg to disagree on this concept.

In my trainings and lectures, everytime I would talk about the boundless importance and advantages of speaking the English language. I never fail to discuss that practicing it (reading, listening, writing and speaking) is the best way to learn and improve the skill.  Also, I never miss telling my listeners that my foundation in learning English came not from school but from watching TV during my childhood days.

Sesamestreet Yeah, I learned English by watching Jim Henson’s ‘Sesame Street’; the locally produced yet with an American host ‘Uncle Bob’s Lucky 7 Club’; and, Lea Salonga’s mini-variety kiddy show with her younger brother Gerard ‘Love Lea’.  I can proudly say that I am a living testament of a person who benefited from watching TV.  All these boob-tube shows were in English.

Unfortunately, younger mortals than I am seem to have difficulty speaking the English language.  Maybe it is because they grew up watching ‘Batibot’ the Filipino version of Sesame Street.  Batibot utilizes the Tagalog/Filipino vernacular as its mode of communicating to the young viewers.

I am glad to know that my 10-year old nephew Luis is on top of his English class in school.  It is partly because he prefers to watch ‘Nickelodeon’ and ‘Cartoon Network’ than those Tagalized and more violent anime shows on TV.

Sesamestreet2 Thanks to all the Muppets especially to Bert, Ernie, Cookie Monster, The Count, Grover, Kermit, Ms.Piggy, Oscar the Grouch and the gentle Mr. Snuffleupagus.

The Mesmerizing… Leah Salonga

Lesmiserables A couple of years ago, through my old VHS player, I was able to watch the 10th year anniversary concert of Les Miserables.  It featured the dream cast of selected performers who starred in the musical play.  While watching it, I did not expect that Lea Salonga performed the songs of Eponine.  Watching Lea Salonga in that concert gave me humungous goose bumps.  Her performance sent chills throughout my spine!

Even though I knew that that time she already starred in Miss Saigon and won awards on it, plus a couple of Disney recordings, it made me truly realize that she has been the biggest world-class Filipino artist.

Leasalonga2 There are claims by people who can see and read a person’s past-life that Lea Salonga in her former life was a woman with a pure perfect voice.  It was so enchantingly beautiful that any person who hears it will be hypnotized or set in a trance.  Due to this rare talent she was persecuted because people (in that dark age) thought she was a witch.

In the late 80’s when Lea Salonga was being interviewed by the ‘reyna ng intriga’ Inday Badiday in Eye-to-Eye (there was no Miss Saigon yet – not even the auditions happening here in Manila).  If my memory serves me right, Lea was promoting a movie entitled Pik-Pak-Boom a movie starring her with Lilet and Herbert Bautista.  In the same segment, a fortune teller was present.  In that show, it is not rare for Tita Luds (Inday Badiday) to guest a fortune teller since she’s seems fascinated with the futurity of Pinoy celebrities (yeah! the rumormonger loves a starmonger).  Still In that segment, Tita Luds asked the starmonger what will become of Lea Salonga in the future.  The fortune teller replied that Lea will become a well known personality internationally.  The cunningman added that he is seeing a ‘Miss’ in Lea’s name like that of a beauty queen (Miss World, Miss International, Miss Universe).  Tita Luds commented that she will not be surprised if Lea will become an international beauty queen since the young lady is beautiful and certainly witty.  Lea with a full smile, on the other hand, replies that she doesn’t have any desire of joining a beauty contest!

Lea_salonga A couple of months later, Lea Salonga after a tedious world-wide selection process was chosen to perform the lead role of Miss Saigon in London.

Amazing right?!  I bet Lea Salonga do not remember this interview neither her past-life.

Yippee! People fancy me as their ENEMY!

Yippee Aside from opting for the most excellent and superlative persons as friends (like the ones I have here in Friendster), I have been very careful in choosing my enemy.

It has been considered that an enemy is one of the instruments of an individual’s destiny.  The mere presence of an enemy can actually manipulate, oppress or influence a person’s emotion.  Enemies can control places that you want to go to; they can restrain noteworthy time that you want to spend; or, they can confine how you would like things to be done.

Winner To deem a person as your opponent, a rival or an adversary is to confess that that soul is your equal.  That is why always pick on the winners.  Combating on losers is not only foolish it is also an unappealing refection of one’s self.