The First Runner-Up Goes To… Philippines!

The last time the Philippines placed as a first runner up was in 1999 Miss Universe beauty pageant.  Pinoys will never forget the moment when Miriam Quiambao almost made it to the top.

This year, the Philippines again failed to be at the top.  This occassion is not in the Miss Universe pageant or any other international beauty title.  It is about being the Most Corrupt country in Asia.  We loose to Indonesia!

Yes people!  Philippines is the 2nd most corrupt country in whole Asia.  I blame all the government officials and employees!  They’re such a bunch of wimps!

Corrupt They could have cheated and pocketed more money from the people!  They could have received more bribes!  They could have corrupted better!  They could have scraped more cash out from the government’s money pot!  Pinoys won’t mind.  Pinoys have been experiencing this for the past 25 years or so.  We must not allow any other country to be on top concerning this filthy reputation.

All government employees must and needs to undergo retraining so that next year we will be at the prime standing! A strict "fraudulent and dishonesty test" must be given to those entering the government.  2006 Nursing Board Exam cheaters can be exempted from this exam.  They’re already qualified for high ranking position in the government.

The administration must ban those investigative TV programs showing the great corruption practices in the government.  This inhibits these people to continue their cunning money making ventures like ‘kotong’, kickbacks,under-the-table-transactions and ‘local government 15/30 employees payroll scheme’.

WowWe should never allow being just a second fiddle!  The President must include this in her agenda.  Now that she is gearing towards creating mega-metro-regions, there would be more funds to be stolen!

The Philippines will not be the Philippines without corruption!  Next year, if the country won’t be selected as the most corrupt, I might start thinking of migrating to another country.  Where?  Maybe Indonesia!

I Got ‘Apo’

Kaminapomuna Last Sunday (Aug 20), I bought the CD that every blogger in the Philippines has written or will be writing about.  The ‘Kami nAPO Muna’ CD, a compilation of Apo Hiking Society’s songs as rendered by today’s hottest rock and pop bands in the country.  I must admit, it is now the hippest thing to have and to listen to!  It’s the cool songs that I grew up with.  Listening to it is like having an awesome blast from the past blended with head banging fun and ass-kicking feeling!

However, I was a bit frustrated when producers missed to include a very endearing song ‘Huwag Masanay Sa Pagmamahal’ sang by Apo and Kuh Ledesma.  This is the same song where Sharon Cuneta and Edu Manzano have some dialogues at the beginning playing husband and wife cursing each other.  For me this is the rarest musical production done by Apo.  This will also become one of the extraordinary moments in OPM industry for the years to come.  Imagine in one cut having industry legends Kuh, the Apo, Edu and Sharon?  Maybe the reason this was not included is because no one could top the imperative lineup of names when it was first recorded.

Nevertheless, Apo truly deserves a heartwarming tribute like this… as what Danny Javier says, "… Damhin nyo na lang ang puso"

Screwing Florence Nightingale

Florence With the present brouhaha on 2006 Philippine Nursing Licensure Exam leakage and cheating, Florence Nightingale must be fuming nuts and rolling in her grave!  Due to this, I modified the Florence Nightingale Pledge which the 2006 nursing exam cheaters can use and review from time to time while practicing the profession.  Here it goes…

I solemnly pledge myself before God and in the presence of this assembly, to pass my life in impurity and to malpractice my profession faithfully. I will in no way abstain from whatever is deleterious and mischievous, and will enjoy taking or stupidly administer any harmful drug.

I will do all in my power to destroy and lower the standard of my profession, and will hold in confidence all personal matters committed to my keeping and all family affairs coming to my knowledge in the malpractice of my calling. No way will I endeavor to aid the physician in his work (let him do his crappy stuff), and detach myself to the welfare of those committed to my care.

Kudos to you big time cheaters!  With the stigma brought about by this shame, I’m sure 2006 professional nurses will never land a job abroad.  This scandal actually brought one advantage for the country.  At least for now the Philippines will not experience the shortage of nurses.

Now we’re screwed!

Naan Stop Naan Sense

Eating at Tandoor King in SM Mall of Asia and Bollywood Bistro Bar at Greenbelt 3 is a big treat.  These restaurants serve one of my favorite breads!

Naan2 Its mere appearance is not appetizing.  It’s nothing but white.  It looks like a disfigured puffy thick pizza without the toppings.  Its bottom side is slightly brown in color that adds the smoky flavor.  But when stuffed with melted cheese, you will forget your identity when you taste it.

An uncomplicated flat leavened bread from India, naan is made of white flour baked in tandoor oven.  Prior to cooking, the dough needs a lot of spanking by bare hands and will be slapped on the walls of the oven.  It should be eaten hot and fresh.  May it be served in basket or on plate, I freakin’ adore it!  It’s like Pinoy’s pandesal, it’s no good when cold or stale.  If Pinoys plunge the pandesal in coffee, Europeans dip their biscuits in their tea and Americans dunk their cookies in their milk, Indians scoop their stews using naan.

I’m lovin’ it!  Naan, a straightforward chow with superb surprise to the senses.

Baclaran Church

As I always admit, I do not go to church every Sunday.  However, August 13, 2006 is a more complete Sunday since I was able to push myself to go to my favorite church.

Baclaran3 Baclaran, Redemptorist Church for me is the place where I can clearly pray.  I can still remember when I was in college that I went to Baclaran on some Wednesdays to recite and sing along the immaculate novena for the Mother of Perpetual Help.  I even remember during my early childhood days playing at the aisle of this church and wonder how I could reach those colorful balloons at the church’s ceiling that have flown and skipped other children’s hands.

Surprisingly, every time I come in this place, I feel that my prayer is so complete.  People who have gone to this place may say otherwise, but not for me.  Other Catholics will admit that there are some churches where they can focus praying better than the one in Baclaran.

Baclaran2 Moreover, going to Baclaran is a feat in itself.  It’s like climbing Mount Banahaw (which, by the way, I already did).  Why? It is because before you can reach the church, you need to penetrate the hoards of people coming in and going out of the church; those sampaguita vendors who would offer their merchandise right to your already oily face; those jeepneys calling and waiting for passengers since they are about to start their route may it be going to Monumento, Divisoria and Sta. Cruz in the north or to Alabang, Zapote and Bacoor in the south; those big black loud speakers playing songs from pirated CDs; those mini-colored TVs running pirated DVDs; those mouthwatering lechons (roasted pigs) for sale being displayed on the street; those carts cooking ‘isaw’ and ‘tokneneng’; those vendors barking aloud their various commodities for sale (curtains, posters of Phoebe Cates, graded eyeglasses, blouses, calculators, slippers, panties, fruits, bottles of ‘pamparegla’, and a lot more); plus other people with varying reasons why they are there.  It is so surprising that as soon as you step in the gates of the church, all these mayhems seem suddenly gone.  It’s suddenly calm and you would feel a sigh of relief.  It’s like being home after a serious battle.

Maybe this is the reason why I love going to this church.  It’s like being rewarded by reaching the House of God after passing through the tough hurdles in life.

Fresh Brief Experience

I wanna be your hot tub when you’re dippin’;
I wanna be your bathrobe when you’re drippin’;
I wanna be your cocktail baby when you’re sippin’;
I just wanna be right there more than anything;

I swear I wanna be your UNDERWEAR!

                                                Bryan Adams (from the song ‘Underwear’)

For me, it is the most important piece of article…  It is the first thing that you put on and the last thing you take off!

Underwear has gone a long way from simply the ‘necessary undergarment’ to a brazen fashion statement.  I credit Calvin Klein and Victoria’s Secret for spearheading the unveiling of this culture by having their delicious models strut the runway or featuring them in giant billboards clad only in their CK or VS undergarments.

UnderwearGone are the days when people would ridicule a soul whose underwear is showing (Aaaay! Kita Panty!).  Today, showing off the waistband of your branded brief or an evident thong underneath a body hugging slacks is actually considered a gesture of style and freedom.  Walking inside the mall carrying a paper bag from a lingerie or underwear boutique is now voguish and tasteful.

Brief_1 Due to this revolution, infinite number of colors and styles of underwear has come out – classic cut, bikini cut, French cut, boxers, boxer brief, hip brief, thong, etc. There are even underwears with iPod pockets!  Also, various fabrics have been utilized – pure cotton, silk, satin, velvet and even leather.  I wonder when the Pinoys will start using our indigenous fabrics like piña, sinamay, abaca and jusi!

Madonna chuvaness

After watching CNN for the past few nights to update myself on current world affairs, I just can’t help putting this in my blog.  A picture of Madonna in her Confessions World Tour while performing ‘Forbidden Love’


This is a meaningful wish from the queen of pop on harmony between the Crescent Moon (Arabs) and the Star of David (Israelis).  Love her, love her, love her!  She is such a smart woman.  I will never get to see her concert live but I totally wish with her on this!