Boracay Gemba…

It was a hasty decision joining friends in Boracay.  Josel, Joel, Bill, Don and Mark all came from Australia to have a 2-week holiday in the Philippines.  They have chosen to chill out in the white sands of hedonistic Boracay, the world-class majestic beach in the central part of the country.

After having dinner with them, Baby and Karen-Friendship at Cafe Adriatico upon their arrival from Australia and a round of champagne at Sofitel Hotel, I decided to join them for a much needed yet short holiday.

Bora Last April 20, 2007 I bid tah-tah to Metro Manila and boarded an Asian Spirit plane bound to Caticlan.  The 4-day experience was truly awesome.  There was never a dull moment with those fabulous Aussies.  The fun even got better when precious Karen-Friendship and her boyfriend Denton arrived and joined the following day.

Being under the rays of the golden sun for 4 days made my skin really dark.  I don’t like this tan epidermal color, but my Aussie friends actually loved it.  They said that I actually looked better in my new full-on grill marks.  Josel even told me that I looked healthier.

What I enjoyed most was the parasailing event.  I never imagined that I could actually do it.  Seeing those big parachute-like hemispherical canopies up in the air gave me shivers.  Ayayay!  When it was our turn (me, Josel and Bill) I felt my goosebumps had goosebumps!  But when my feet were released off the speedboat gaining some height, it was nothing but smooth sailing experience.  It was actually relaxing and breathtaking up in the sky seeing the whole island of beautiful Boracay.

I was so thankful to have joined… It was a wondrous ultimate gemba!

First Time Wedding Ninong

Yesterday was a totally new experience.  It was my very first of being a “Ninong” in a wedding.  Yes folks… I know you won’t believe it but I am now a wedding ninong.

Wed2 Months ago Nhess (my new inaanak) surprisingly phoned me in my office informing that she and her husband-to-be wants me as one of their ninongs.  At first, I thought they were just joking.  I thought to myself, who in this world would get me as a wedding ninong.  But about a month ago, here comes Nhess and Neil (her husband) visiting my office and over dinner at Café Adriatico in Malate, the couple formally informed me that they were actually serious on getting me as one of the Principal Sponsors.  Knowing that they have been in a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship for nearly ten years, without hesitation, I accepted the invitation.

I guess I was one of those mortals responsible why these gorgeous couple fell for each other.  I can still recall that I paired them throughout their Experimental Psychology course laboratory activities in which I was their instructor at Manila Doctors College.

Wed Yesterday was the beautiful event…  Neil and Nhess tied the knot and vowed to be together for better or for worse.


Congratulations and Best Wishes!


The last five days has been great! Walang pasok (translation: no work).

Today I am in a lazy catatonic state. Today, I reported late in the office. Today, I interviewed seven student-trainee applicants for the training center that I work with. Today, I prepared several memoranda to employees and restaurant outlets that I work at. Today, I had lunch with the Financial Comptroller and Operations Manager. Today, I had a meeting with a Swiss guy who is a wine connoisseur. Today, I had several phone calls from our Cebu restaurants that I attended to. Today, I prepared my agenda for tomorrow’s meeting. Today, I talked to my agent about the 2 units of columbarium I have purchased. Today, I went home early. Today is a not so busy day. Today, I am still in vacation mode after a 5-day holiday.

I wonder if there is a job out there which only requires the employees to sleep all day. If there would be one… I would be the first person to apply! Zzzzz…

An Easter Movie Treat… Heart & Souls!

Heart_1 I just had an early Easter treat!  Upon arriving in my unit from my mother’s house after an overnight sleepover, I turned on the TV early in the morning and chanced upon watching a 1993 movie “Heart & Souls” in HBO channel.

Even though I have watched this film several times in the past, the movie still gives me a big laugh for the funny scenes and lump on the throat for the touchy moments.  I adore the mix of character profiles of Thomas (the lead role played by Robert Downey Jr.) and the four souls with unfinished businesses before they died: Milo, Penny, Julia and Harrison.  I particularly liked the characters of Penny (the mother figure) and Milo (the cool softhearted thug).  One flawed thing I noticed in the movie, these souls have shadows…

I will probably not forget the film’s classic scene when all five characters are walking down the street singing “Walk Like a Man”…

Dance … Walk like a man

Talk like a man

Walk like a man my son

No woman’s worth

Crawling on the earth

Just walk like a man my son…

The movie is simply timeless in respect to the values it teaches.  It makes you review your own life after watching it.  It tackles friendship, love, parenthood, conquering fear, looking for the lost loved-one and correcting a past mistake to name a few.  Also, after watching this movie, you will wonder about all those moments in life you messed up and should have done the right thing but didn’t.

It’s simply heartwarming! Happy Easter everyone…

Ako’y Isang ARAW…

You are The Sun

Happiness, Content, Joy.

The meanings for the Sun are fairly simple and consistent.

Young, healthy, new, fresh. The brain is working, things that were muddled come clear, everything falls into place, and everything seems to go your way.

The Sun is ruled by the Sun, of course. This is the light that comes after the long dark night, Apollo to the Moon’s Diana. A positive card, it promises you your day in the sun. Glory, gain, triumph, pleasure, truth, success. As the moon symbolized inspiration from the unconscious, from dreams, this card symbolizes discoveries made fully consciousness and wide awake. You have an understanding and enjoyment of science and math, beautifully constructed music, carefully reasoned philosophy. It is a card of intellect, clarity of mind, and feelings of youthful energy.

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Melinda Doolittle Do Lots

Melinda_1  She sounds beautiful.  She is the fantastic force to reckon with this season.  She is the example of a genuine talent.  She exudes positive energy through her upbeat character and pleasant personality.  She sings with art and passion.  She makes you feel the songs she sings. She gives me goose bumps every time she sings.  She is Melinda Doolittle.

If this lady will lose and be eliminated this season’s Americal Idol, this will confirm how stupid Americans are. Likewise, this proves to show that has been very successful with its mission.

Anyway, with such an awesome talent, Melinda does not need American Idol.  But with other boring and mediocre contestants selected this season, American Idol definitely needs her!

Basta I like Melinda. She’s so precious…

Olfactive Sources …

Nose I never leave my house without a spray or two of perfume.  Spraying perfume is my last agenda after fixing myself and before leaving my house may I be going to the office, going to a party, going to the mall or even going out for my grocery.

However, it has been three years since the last time I bought a perfume (Silver by Ralph Lauren).  This is because I have been receiving perfume as gifts from good friends or relatives.  Ever wonder why I always smell delicious?  This is because of the perfumes I received…

  1. Just last January of this year I received a very good scent, that is, Dolce & Gabbana for Men, given to me by my former student now a very good friend Avi.
  2. Doña Avi who is now based in Italy is the same person who gave me a couple of years ago, a big bottle of BLV by Bulgari.
  3. Late last year when Erick Angeles a good wacky friend since my Glicos Great Adventure stint came back to the Philippines for a vacation from his job in Dubai, gave me a long bottle of HOT by United Colors of Benetton.
  4. While early last year, Berna Asunto, my casino-mate and awesome colleague from City Garden Hotel-Makati gave me a small yet powerful Bulgari perfume when she went back from Palau.
  5. Robert Megino, a very close friend since the mid-90’s, now based in New Zealand gave not one but three bottles of perfume when he went for a vacation in the Philippines from his job in Saudi Arabia.  One was Obsession for Men by Calvin Klein the other was COLD by United Colors of Benetton and Escape also by Calvin Klein that mixes very well with my sweat.
  6. My aunt Lita from Chicago Illinois gave me a sporty bottle by Michael Jordan and Lauder for Men the last time she and her whole family visited us here in the Philippines.

Thanks for making me smelling good! Dahil sa inyo hindi lang ako mukhang delicious amoy delicious din ako… Makapag-kape nga ng nerbyosin naman ako!