A Book That Contains Nuggets of Wisdom…

Lalaine Legaspi, an officemate and co-manager from the present company I am working with is responsible for introducing a very enlightening book that is worth reading over and over again.  Maybe, she realized that I am such a dickhead of a worker and needs a lot to enlighten.  She persuaded me of reading a book and even let me scrounge and bring home her copy.  But after perusing each page, I just realized that I must own one for me to pick and read whenever I feel like doing.

Book ‘Only The Real Matters’ by Francis J. Kong is a precious laudable reading material that kept me sound and busy last weekend.  This is actually the 4th time that I have completely read the book.  The writing is simple, the stories presented are cleverly uncomplicated and the values expounded are totally not preachy.

A collection of Mr. Kong’s notable essays and vignettes, ‘Only The Real Matters’ presents insightful glimpses of various successes and triumphs of people in the world of business without overlooking the values of Christian living.  It also imparts notable work ethics that every person must possess to be successful at work and life as a whole.

I may not yet be successful but this book makes my elusive common sense… common.


A piece of Madonna’s Heart

I was a bit excited to see on how the adopted kid of Madonna would look like.  There has been news a couple of days ago that she is to adopt a one-year old child from Malawi, an impoverished country in Africa.

When I tried to surf the internet regarding this information, I found out that Madonna adopting a child was nothing but a rumor.  However, I read in other news that Madonna after her very successful world tour this year was in the said country to start her project called ‘Raising Malawi’.  Madonna pledged £1.6 million (that’s 150 million pesos) for this project that will provide food, safe water, shelter and education to the orphaned children on Malawi.


So the rumor nonetheless is still true, it’s just that Madonna is not only adopting one child.  She’s actually adopting the whole children population of one country. 

Ang taray ng lola mo!

Glorified Tsinelas

Tsinelas For more than a year now, everywhere you look, chic Pinoys are wearing the funky looking rubber thong sandals.  This fad has definitely hit the fashion world.  Hollywood celebrities are wearing Havaianas making it so cool to own one.  Other fashion designers would spunk up these sandals by putting beads, buttons and even rhinestones on the thong portion.  But before this silly craze, every rich and poor Flipino has some point in their life have owned and worn a pair of these sandals.

During my childhood days, cool people call it slippers.  Now, trendy dudes and dudettes call it flip-flops.  For me it remains to be called ‘tsinelas‘.  What is so ironic about this craze is if you are to wear tsinelas a couple of years back in malls, in church or go to school people will think that you are broke and can’t afford to buy shoes or sneakers.

Unlike me, I’m sure fashionable conyotics won’t use their expensive glorified tsinelas to whack occasional ipis that crosses their path.

I survived Milenyo and spent the night with Vienna Teng

Milenyo June 2007 will be the busiest month for all kumadronas, midwifes, manghihilots, and any hospital delivery room.  This is nine months after the devastating Milenyo typhoon that hit Metro Manila.  Milenyo (international codename: Xangsane) caused a total blackout in Luzon.  Malls, cinemas and restaurants are closed.  There’s not enough lighting to read.  There’s no TV, cable, internet and even phone lines.  It’s basically stupid to go out of the house so people do not have anything to do but to… procreate!

Milenyo2 Milenyo was a big hit!  I personally witnessed its ferocity by watching how it devastated Manila from the third floor of my office causing young and old trees to topple, billboards to collapse, metal roofing sheets to fly, shanties to crumble and streets to flood.  Metro Manila after 3 hours of Milenyo’s wrath looked like a war zone and a big obstacle course.

Viennateng Later that night without electricity in my house, good thing I have with me my old yet reliable battery operated CD player.  With one candle as my only source of light and while fanning my sweaty delicious body the whole night with a cardboard, I listened to the old CD of Vienna Teng.  Her gentle piano ballads and pristine vocals kept me sane the whole night after an extremely mad day caused by the destructive typhoon.

Bad news to those who loathe me but I survived Milenyo… Mwahahahaha!!!

Asians in an Early Lead

Puka_1 The idea of putting together a tribe according to ethnicity is a very interesting concept for the 13th season of Survivor (now in Cook Islands).  I have watched the first two episodes and I am simply lovin’ it!  The show made me feel awestruck since I have more reason now to cheer fiercely most especially for the Asian contenders.

Puka Tribe is the Asian group composed of two Filipino-Americans (Jenny Guzon-Bae and Brad Virata), two Korean-Americans (Becky Lee & Yul Kwon), and one Vietnamese guy (Cao Boi).

Jenny_hs Brad_hs But of course my favorites are Jenny and Brad.  These two American born Pinoys make me feel so proud.  If these two charming Pinoys only lived in the Philippines, I’m sure one of them will end up being the winner of the show while the other is the runner-up.

The first two episodes made me stomp, shout and clapped crazy cheering for the Puka Tribe.  True enough, in the first two challenges for tribe’s immunity Puka Tribe placed first.  It’s an early lead for the Asians kicking the big and smelly asscracks of the Hispanics, African-Americans and Caucasians.

For sure there would be some negative reactions in the US about the show’s racial format.  But no matter what, it’s going to be a big exposure for the Asians since previous seasons of the show would only have African-Americans and Caucasians as contestants.

An earthquake, an angel and my underwear

I have been living alone in an apartment for more than 5 years now.  In my unit, I usually sleep only in my underwear.  One night while I was in this periodic state of rest, I dreamt and felt that a man seem to be waking me up saying, “huy, huy gising!” (hey, hey wake-up!).  I could still remember responding by mumbling “huh, huh” in my still sleepy tone. 

Angel_1 Still groggy from a deep sleep, I was a bit confused how come this man was able to enter my unit in the middle of the night when I always make sure that the door is locked before I snooze.  The feeling was so real that I tried opening my eyes to check who he was.  But when I opened my muzzy faculty of vision, I was totally shocked that there was actually no one there. 

That night a big earthquake hit the metropolis.  The rumbling of the earth happened right after I opened my eyes to check on who was waking me up. The rocking of the whole building prompted me to stand up quickly and head out of the building.

I can still recall that I had trouble going down the stairs since it was dark.  I was not wearing my contact lenses and was not able to pickup my eyeglasses.  Moreover, I forgot to put on some clothing.  Yes, I made it out to the street in my underwear while the earth was rocking!

The building did not crumble.  Nevertheless, this miracle confirms that an angel actually woke me up from my sleep to protect me from an apparent danger. 

Neilangel_1  Now I always sleep with my eyeglasses at my bedside.  However, I have not changed my habit of sleeping in my underwear.  Mas presko kasi!

43 Days before Halloween

In the Philippines when the “BER” months begins to surface, people starts sending text messages greeting their friends a Happy Christmas wanting to claim that they are the first person this year to greet you such.  There are even radio stations that would initiate playing Happy Holiday songs or live local TV shows having a countdown on the number of days before Christmas.

Halloween This leaves less anticipation for the country’s Halloween celebration.  Hey people, as of this writing, there’s 43 beautiful days before the Halloween! Trick or Treat!