Year of the Vavoy!

Pig It’s the year of the Fire Pig which according to Chinese calendar comes only every after 60 years!  Unlike the western calendar, I did not prepare for it.  Honestly, I am so confused with the Chinese custom of how and what to set up on the eve and first day of the new lunar year so as to have a promising and auspicious whole year.  You would probably go broke if you would buy all the lucky charms that the Chinese belief dictates.

As far as the first day of the Chinese New Year is concerned, all I did today was do my usual Sunday ritual, i.e., do the laundry, iron a mountain of clothes, shine my shoes, clean my bathroom, attend a Sunday Mass and watch a lot of TV.

Basta bahala na si Batman! Kung Hei Fat Choy!


Heart It’s the time of the year when people are thinking of what unique gift to offer his or her loved one this coming Valentines.  For sure roses, balloons, diamond rings, chocolates and strawberries will have sky rocketing prices.  Might as well have fun with some customized ideas to give your special someone that will make this year’s Valentines a memorable one:

  1. Instead of blanketing your loved one’s room with balloons and roses, might as well fill her room with durian fruits and tell her you placed a diamond ring in one of it.
  2. Instead of giving a necklace with your loved one’s initials on the pendant, try cutting out the full name from belekoy candies sprinkled with toasted sesame seeds.
  3. Giving strawberries and chocolates on Valentines is so western, why not personally bake a kamias cake and served it ala mode with bagoong balayan swirl
  4. Surprising your partner with a red-colored and heart-shaped bukayo for dessert from your bag of goodies after a hearty dinner on Valentines will surely win your partner’s affection.

Happy Valentines!

Are We Really That Stupid?!

Senate Election season is on!  Senate race is heating up! This early, Pinoys are contemplating on whom are they going to vote when they exercise their right to suffrage come election date.  For me, I have yet to list down my selected candidates for the senate.  But for sure the following candidates will have difficulty to be included in my list:

  1. Trapos (traditional politicians) vying for reelection.  These politicians have gone surprisingly rich during their term in the government and no way would I allow them to get richer.  Besides, some candidates wanting to be reelected are already geriatric cases who rarely spend a day in their respective offices.  Enough with the trapos please.

  1. Kin of politicians.  These are candidates who would ride along the popularity of their names and their relatives.  I simply abhor political dynasties!

It’s creepy to imagine if these dynasties will be elected in the senate.  It’s like four families controlling the lives of 90 million Pinoys:

Pia Cayetano and her brother Alan Peter Cayetano

Tessie Oreta Aquino and her nephew Noynoy Aquino

Loi Ejercito and son Jinggoy Estrada with half-brother JV Ejercito

Nene Pimentel and son Koko Pimentel

  1. Showbiz personalities. You don’t need to be a whiz kid to know that acting on movies and being a news anchor on TV are totally different from the demands of public service and/or writing a law. 

Until now, I can’t still stomach the fact that “saling-pusa” Lito Lapid and the playboy Bong Revilla are senators.  Former senator and now vice-president Noli De Castro could not even pronounce the word “special” correctly considering that he was a news anchor.  He would pronounce it as “espeyshal”.  It gives me goose bumps to envision brainless arrogant Senator Richard Gomez having a scuffle with the equally dim-witted Senator Jinggoy Estrada inside the senate house!  Yikes!


If these folks are elected, I guess we are… 

Tsugi na si Sidney Sheldon

During my college years, my favorite novelist was Sidney Sheldon.  I still remember during breaks and in between classes when my classmates Jong (Villas), Karen (Batangan), Marie (Dela Victoria) and I would talk and discuss about the events that transpired in “Rage of Angels”, “Master of the Game”, “Bloodline” and “If Tomorrow Comes”

I can still recall those week nights when I could not put the (borrowed) book down because of the high degree of suspense and the clever plots of the story that kept me turning the pages.  What is best about a Sheldon novel is, you will be kept hanging at the end of each chapter that will leave you with no choice but to continue reading the next one.  

Sidney Too bad he passed away.  He died last January 29 due to pneumonia complications at the age of 89.  Nevertheless, a few months back, I bought “Are You Afraid of the Dark?” one of his most recent novels before he said adios to this so called Earth.

From all the Sheldon novels that I have read, my personal favorite is “The Other Side of Midnight”.  Sheldon published it in 1973.  I still remember Noelle Page, Catherine Alexander and the playboy Larry Douglas as the main characters. 

Sheldon My first encounter with this novel was not reading the book but watching the movie version of the story released in 1977.  My father brought home an original Betamax copy of “The Other Side of Midnight” from Saudi Arabia and I got so impressed with the story.  VHS or CD was not yet available during those years and it was cool to own a betamax then.  During those early days of my life, I never knew that such movie was based from Sheldon’s novel until I reached college.

Alive or tsugi, I loved Sheldon.

Federer is Betterer!

Federer3 While munching a bunch of pinipig chocolate flakes, I enjoyed watching the men’s finals of 2007 Australian Open on StarSports channel.  The spectacular tennis game was between, Chile’s pride Fernando Gonzales and my personal favorite, world’s number 1, Roger Federer.

With his usual piercing eyes and mega focused play, Roger Federer won the game without losing a set.  Switzerland’s Fedelicious displayed brilliance, grace, poise and power all throughout the game.  The steamrolling Gonzales failed to match the uncanny speed and moves of King Roger.  He was totally in command!

One thing I missed though, he did not cry this time during the awarding ceremony.  Unlike last year, he was like an endearing boy who could not contain himself due to the overflowing emotion he felt when he won the game.

Federer4 On the last point when King Roger won the grandslam title, I jumped, clapped and shouted crazy like a loony fan.  Then, I suddenly noticed the sofa where I was seating.  It was full of crumbs from the pinipig chocolate flakes I was munching.  Pati pwet ko may flakes!  Nag-walis tuloy ako!

Calling All Pinay Nannies and DH in Britain!

Shilpa You probably heard the news that Shilpa Shetty, the pretty Bollywood actress has been discriminated a number of times in Britain’s Big Brother Celebrity edition TV Program.  She has received downright bitchy and racially pejorative remarks from her housemates.

Some of the discriminating remarks were:

  • British celebrity housemates speculates that Shilpa, who has starred in more than 40 Bollywood films, was a "fake" celebrity planted in the house
  • Shilpa has been called a "dog" by one of the housemates and some complained about her touching their food
  • A female housemate (a former singer from the campy pop band S Club 7) mentioned that Indians were thin because they were always ill as a result of undercooking their food
  • Another British housemate said that Shilpa should have stayed in Bollywood and she would love to squeeze Shilpa’s neck until the eyes pops out.

We Filipinos loved the local Big Brother series in the Philippines but we should never allow this to happen to our Asian brothers trying to live a life in a western country.  Indians as a form of their protest have burned effigies of the British flag or the Big Brother logo in public.  But what about us Pinoys?  How are we going to protest against these racist acts towards our fellow Asian without the Britons ever knowing it?  Here’s a suggestion…

Pinoy domestic helpers are everywhere around the world.  They have been domestic helpers and nannies to the children of international corporate moguls, oil magnates and royal families.  We Pinoys are no longer amazed when a young prince or a son of a European President has a Visayan accent when he speaks English since he learned this from his Visayan nanny.  Pinoy domestic helpers can actually be the principal weapon of the Philippines towards world domination.  Tomorrow’s world leaders for sure will grow up with a Pinay nanny and house helpers.

Vetsin2 Therefore, as a form of opposition and disproval to these messy racist deeds by Britons, I would like to call on all the ever reliable Pinay domestic helpers serving in British households to put a lot of vetsin (monosodium glutamate – the unhealthy wonder powder) in the food of their masters.  In this way, Britons would love, appreciate and enjoy the Pinoy’s prepared dish without them knowing that the food is already a bit noxious.  Maybe and hopefully, the vetsin in each of Briton’s body system can bring them to their wise senses.

Suggestion lang naman… kainis kasi…

Foolish English

Smiley English the universal language has been the major tool of mankind in bridging gaps and solidifying unity.  However, English language if analyzed is actually a bit confusing.  A list of things that immediately entered my crazy brain are the following:

  1. Why do people call an elevator with the same word when the car is going down?  Isn’t it supposed to be called “delevator”?
  2. Similarly, why is the automatic moving stairs called escalator still called an escalator when it’s going down? Isn’t it supposed to be called “descalator”?
  3. Why do people eat a cured ham?  Has it been sick?
  4. A chicken that has been bled and pulled off its feathers is called a “dressed chicken”.
  5. A clubhouse sandwich doesn’t have a house neither a club in between bread buns.

Siguro kulang na ‘ko sa tulog…