Getting Flipped Over Flip Stavy Videos

As a way of showing huge gratitude to this adorable Canadian (with Greek descent) guy for loving the Philippines so much, let me feature two of his enjoyable videos on my blog.  I have been so captivated by Flip Stavy’s YouTube videos which features his fondness and adoration towards the Filipino language, food and people.

First is a very funny video, which I guess, only Flips can laugh about.  I always find it so cute and hilarious when human beings born of another tongue would utter Filipino expletives.  Stavy looks so innocent and so clueless making this video a riot! And by the way, the genius dichotomization and extraction variations of the invective ‘put*ng in@’ at the latter part of the video is so brilliant.

But here’s a Filipino language vocabulary video of Flip Stavy discussing about family.  I never thought of Filipino genealogy labelling in this very cool manner.  How I wish my Filipino teachers taught me my language in this very refreshing style.

Flip Stavy’s adorable videos would not have been possible without his Filipino buddy whom he calls Pao-Pao.  I hope Pao-Pao would stay as friendly and supportive as he is now to Stavy.  He definitely exemplifies the Filipino’s in-born warmth and hospitality.

‘Tang ‘Nang ‘Yan! Wi lab yu tu Stavy!

Feeling Charmed by The Way He Looks

From my own personal observations and from what I have seen so far, pink movies usually have tragic or sad endings.  It usually has too much or prolonged erotic scenes, it is fully packed with emotional wallop and it’s either too heavy or too flamboyant in terms of plot and characters. Everything seems too extreme making gay movies too cinematic.

Glad to note that all of these observations about a gay movie are not present in the Brazilian feature length film entitled The Way He Looks (original title: Hoje Eu Quero Voltar Sozinho) directed by Daniel Ribeiro.

the way he looks

About two or three years ago, I saw on YouTube the short film version of this movie where it was adapted and directed by the same director.  That is why when YouTube recommended on its page the full length movie’s trailer I initially got confused.  I was telling myself I already saw that adorable film but the images of the movie and the appearances of the characters seem to have changed.  I thought the teaser was a continuation of the short film version and that the characters have grown a bit.  Out of curiosity, I searched for the film online.  I only realized that the director did a re-make of the short film into a new full length movie after I have clicked and searched YouTube.

Luckily for me but unfortunately for filmmaker Ribeiro, the full length version is available on YouTube.  This enabled me to watch and appreciate the beauty and excellence of the film.  Everything about this movie (both the short and the full-length versions) though simply expressed and executed, seem so brilliant – the light, lovable and innocent quality of the storyline, the captivating fineness of the actors, the distinction of the editing and production design and of course the cleverness of the director.

Even the endearing soundtrack is so merit-worthy.  I am now so in love with the song ‘There’s Too Much Love’ by Belle & Sebastian.  My favorite scene in the film includes the playing of this song!  For me it was not the light kissing scene that is the most tender and most charming part of the movie.  Rather it was when Gabriel was teaching the blind Leo how to dance while ‘There’s Too Much Love’ tune is playing.

Another appealing and impressive things about the movie is that it is not just about young gay romance.  It is also about delightful family relationship, super friendship, boosting of self-worth and the quest for independence.

This movie deserves to be released commercially here in the Philippines.  And if it does, expect me to be queuing at the box office and I would definitely be the first person in line.

Libre ko kayo pag pinalabas yan dito sa ‘Pinas.