French Week…

Samedi, 07 Juillet 2007

No I have not been to France (how I wish I was), but this week I have been bombarded with a lot of French connections…

1.  I have been following this year’s Wimbeldon tournament and surprisingly Richard Gasquet entered the semi-finals.  As expected, this young Frenchman lost the game to my favorite tennis player and world’s number one, Roger Federrer.

2.  Also, an unlikely finalist of women’s Wimbeldon is a young, chubby yet powerful French lady, Marion Bartoli.  She is this year’s runner-up in Wimbeldon after she had a beating by the American, Venus Williams.

3.  This week’s number one movie is entitled "Ratatouille".  Before it became a movie title, ratatouille is actually a French vegetable soup.  Ratatouille now is a new Disney animated movie set in France being starred by the newest Disney mouse (not Mickey this time).

4.  I was asked by our Executive Sous Chef on how to properly pronounce the French word of fresh vegetables appetizer that will be served in one of the parties of the restautants that we operate.  The French word was "crudites" which Pinoys would expectedly read as "kru-dits" but the right pronunciation is "kru-di-tey".

5.  I have read in the news that the Eiffel Tower of France is a nominee in an internet poll for the New Seven Wonders of the World.

6.  Last night, while watching a French film "Le Fabuleux Dentin D’ Amelie Poulain" my dinner is a big burger with lots and lots of French fries…

Au revoir… A la prochaine…

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