A Spice Called UMA…

Uma2 It’s Uma to the rescue!  A welcome change from the monotonous and boring past episodes, it’s about time a genuine housemate enters the house.  Uma Khouny known for his sharp wit, brutal honesty and blunt comments added spice into Pinoy Big Brother Season 2.

I can still recall the first season when Uma with atrocious frankness would give his vicious opinions about Jo D Mango (having a face of a worm), Madam Auring (having a scary face), Boy Abunda (having a bad fashion taste) and Kris Aquino (too "kikay" self-conscious to be the country’s president) which actually made eyebrows raised.  Truth hurts you know?!

Uma Unlike the first season, almost all of season 2’s housemates are bland and unexciting that is why I seldom watch the show. With more than 100 days running, the two episodes when Uma was in the house were the most exciting and most hilarious.  True to the analysis of Uma, this season’s housemates play the game too safely to the point of being pretentious and mind-numbs.  Uma simply brought the house down and gave life back to PBB2.  He was all but natural.

I’m sure even Big Brother himself enjoyed Uma’s stay inside the house.

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