Boracay Gemba…

It was a hasty decision joining friends in Boracay.  Josel, Joel, Bill, Don and Mark all came from Australia to have a 2-week holiday in the Philippines.  They have chosen to chill out in the white sands of hedonistic Boracay, the world-class majestic beach in the central part of the country.

After having dinner with them, Baby and Karen-Friendship at Cafe Adriatico upon their arrival from Australia and a round of champagne at Sofitel Hotel, I decided to join them for a much needed yet short holiday.

Bora Last April 20, 2007 I bid tah-tah to Metro Manila and boarded an Asian Spirit plane bound to Caticlan.  The 4-day experience was truly awesome.  There was never a dull moment with those fabulous Aussies.  The fun even got better when precious Karen-Friendship and her boyfriend Denton arrived and joined the following day.

Being under the rays of the golden sun for 4 days made my skin really dark.  I don’t like this tan epidermal color, but my Aussie friends actually loved it.  They said that I actually looked better in my new full-on grill marks.  Josel even told me that I looked healthier.

What I enjoyed most was the parasailing event.  I never imagined that I could actually do it.  Seeing those big parachute-like hemispherical canopies up in the air gave me shivers.  Ayayay!  When it was our turn (me, Josel and Bill) I felt my goosebumps had goosebumps!  But when my feet were released off the speedboat gaining some height, it was nothing but smooth sailing experience.  It was actually relaxing and breathtaking up in the sky seeing the whole island of beautiful Boracay.

I was so thankful to have joined… It was a wondrous ultimate gemba!

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