An Easter Movie Treat… Heart & Souls!

Heart_1 I just had an early Easter treat!  Upon arriving in my unit from my mother’s house after an overnight sleepover, I turned on the TV early in the morning and chanced upon watching a 1993 movie “Heart & Souls” in HBO channel.

Even though I have watched this film several times in the past, the movie still gives me a big laugh for the funny scenes and lump on the throat for the touchy moments.  I adore the mix of character profiles of Thomas (the lead role played by Robert Downey Jr.) and the four souls with unfinished businesses before they died: Milo, Penny, Julia and Harrison.  I particularly liked the characters of Penny (the mother figure) and Milo (the cool softhearted thug).  One flawed thing I noticed in the movie, these souls have shadows…

I will probably not forget the film’s classic scene when all five characters are walking down the street singing “Walk Like a Man”…

Dance … Walk like a man

Talk like a man

Walk like a man my son

No woman’s worth

Crawling on the earth

Just walk like a man my son…

The movie is simply timeless in respect to the values it teaches.  It makes you review your own life after watching it.  It tackles friendship, love, parenthood, conquering fear, looking for the lost loved-one and correcting a past mistake to name a few.  Also, after watching this movie, you will wonder about all those moments in life you messed up and should have done the right thing but didn’t.

It’s simply heartwarming! Happy Easter everyone…

1 thought on “An Easter Movie Treat… Heart & Souls!

  1. This is really a heartwarming picture with the the message is about doing your unfinished business! In a motivational seminar I attended, we were shown the movie and afterwhich, we were asked if we had any unfinished business with a loved one, officemate or just anybody. Then we were asked to go to that person (we were given half a day, if you need pamasahe, bibigyan ka pa nila) and finish the “business”, basically a closure like having to say I love you to that person, etc etc.. So I went to an ex gf whom we had a not-so-good ending, bought a dozen of her favorite peach roses and went to her work. I have to say it all, em otionally atr that, on how much I loved her but never got to show it, and how sorry i was for not “choosing” her. We had the best closure ever and up to now, we are very good friends. See what a movie can do for you!


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