Olfactive Sources …

Nose I never leave my house without a spray or two of perfume.  Spraying perfume is my last agenda after fixing myself and before leaving my house may I be going to the office, going to a party, going to the mall or even going out for my grocery.

However, it has been three years since the last time I bought a perfume (Silver by Ralph Lauren).  This is because I have been receiving perfume as gifts from good friends or relatives.  Ever wonder why I always smell delicious?  This is because of the perfumes I received…

  1. Just last January of this year I received a very good scent, that is, Dolce & Gabbana for Men, given to me by my former student now a very good friend Avi.
  2. Doña Avi who is now based in Italy is the same person who gave me a couple of years ago, a big bottle of BLV by Bulgari.
  3. Late last year when Erick Angeles a good wacky friend since my Glicos Great Adventure stint came back to the Philippines for a vacation from his job in Dubai, gave me a long bottle of HOT by United Colors of Benetton.
  4. While early last year, Berna Asunto, my casino-mate and awesome colleague from City Garden Hotel-Makati gave me a small yet powerful Bulgari perfume when she went back from Palau.
  5. Robert Megino, a very close friend since the mid-90’s, now based in New Zealand gave not one but three bottles of perfume when he went for a vacation in the Philippines from his job in Saudi Arabia.  One was Obsession for Men by Calvin Klein the other was COLD by United Colors of Benetton and Escape also by Calvin Klein that mixes very well with my sweat.
  6. My aunt Lita from Chicago Illinois gave me a sporty bottle by Michael Jordan and Lauder for Men the last time she and her whole family visited us here in the Philippines.

Thanks for making me smelling good! Dahil sa inyo hindi lang ako mukhang delicious amoy delicious din ako… Makapag-kape nga ng nerbyosin naman ako!

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