Heart It’s the time of the year when people are thinking of what unique gift to offer his or her loved one this coming Valentines.  For sure roses, balloons, diamond rings, chocolates and strawberries will have sky rocketing prices.  Might as well have fun with some customized ideas to give your special someone that will make this year’s Valentines a memorable one:

  1. Instead of blanketing your loved one’s room with balloons and roses, might as well fill her room with durian fruits and tell her you placed a diamond ring in one of it.
  2. Instead of giving a necklace with your loved one’s initials on the pendant, try cutting out the full name from belekoy candies sprinkled with toasted sesame seeds.
  3. Giving strawberries and chocolates on Valentines is so western, why not personally bake a kamias cake and served it ala mode with bagoong balayan swirl
  4. Surprising your partner with a red-colored and heart-shaped bukayo for dessert from your bag of goodies after a hearty dinner on Valentines will surely win your partner’s affection.

Happy Valentines!

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