The Power of Unicef’s Commercial

Last December 30, 2006 I got a chance to watch a movie in Greenbelt 3 with my pamangkins Erika and Denden.  The film did not move me at all however, a commercial that rolled prior to the movie has actually touched my "still existing" compassion. 

Unicef3 It was the Unicef’s commercial about a kid waking up in the wee hours of the morning to prepare to go to class and the daily obstacles he needs to overcome when going to school (riding a banca, crossing rickety bridges, walking on dirt roads, climbing hills).  The commercial says that a large chunk of Pinoy kids today in the provinces would travel at least 6 kilometers by foot daily just to attend schooling.  A way of helping these poor kids to bring schools closer to them is by texting.  Each text is equivalent to a one peso donation.

Just this week, a number of close friends has lately questioned me how come I did not send a New Year text message greetings to them. Nagtitipid daw ba ako? (translations: Am I being a penny-pincher?)  The reason behind this is because I promised myself last December 30, 2006 after watching the movie that every time somebody would text me a happy New Year greeting, I will not text them back but instead text Unicef’s project for the Filipino children.

Therefore to those who thought that I was being insensible and did not bother texting back last New Year’s Eve, don’t be disappointed. Your text messages I received last New Year holiday did not go to waste… O ‘di ba ang bait ko?

Send ON BATANGPINOY to 2800 for Globe and 2899 for Smart…

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