My Father’s Christmas Gift to Nengkoy

My father died in May 1999.  But even though he’s no longer around I still receive messages from him.  These messages are simple yet meaningful which he wants to relay either to Nengkoy (my mom) to me or to my brothers and sisters. I receive these messages while asleep in my dreams.

Nengkoy_2  Last December 23 through a dream, I received another message from Tatay Jo.  It was his Christmas gift to Nengkoy.  I dreamt my old man singing a love song to Nengkoy.  Tatay Jo was sitting on a wooden bench in his usual sando and shorts “pambahay” attire smiling, laughing and singing.

Of course, in the afternoon of December 24 in my parents’ house while bonding with my sibs and my monster pamangkins (translation: nephews and nieces) waiting for the Christmas Eve, I relayed Tatay’s gift to Nengkoy.  Ang haba ng hair mo Nanay huh!

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