Putting Vina’s Muscle into Good Use

Vina Vina Morales, the Pinay singer whose body form has been ostracized and ridiculed by Pinoys for being too muscular for a lady is in the news.  Well, Vina must have felt that one day she will be using her well toned muscles in good use.  All those days spent in the gym has finally paid off.  Indeed she did!

I never knew that Vina Morales could be so feisty.  It was bravura news when I learned that she whacked the face of Borgy Monotoc (model, politician-to-be, grandson of Imelda Marcos) days after revealing in a live radio interview that he had a one night stand with androgenous Vina.  Resulting for his lips to bleed! Mwahahaha!

Borgy deserve it for having such a big mouth literally and figuratively.  Umuwing duguan ang mokong!  As for Vina, I think this was the best performance of her life.  Bravo Vina bravo!

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