Freakin’ Childhood Possessions

It was that day when I craved for a Calzone stuffed with ham and cheese from Sbarro.  When I finally got one, I shared a portion of it to Ariel (an officemate) since I normally cannot finish the whole thing.  He told me that such chow is so darn filling and heavy in the stomach like the popular bread served during our grade school days called “nutri-bun”.

Nutri-bun sold compulsory to all students during break time made me recall some possessions I had when I was in my grade school days.  Being the 5th child, it’s quite hard to possess an item during my childhood that I can actually call my own since I am part of those jackass creatures who benefited from the very cost worthy hand-me-downs. 

If these items are still present, these can be considered vintage by today’s generation.  Some of which are…

Yellow 1.  Superman T-Shirt

I still remember I was with my mom buying this piece of clothing at Harrison Plaza.  Harrison Plaza during that time was the hippest mall then.  She let me chose the color.  I pointed the light yellow colored one.

Panambag 2.  PanAm Bag

This light blue colored bag was the one I used and brought to school when I was in my 3rd grade.  My parents allowed me to use it.  My father got one in the 70’s as a giveaway from the PanAm airline when he went back from Saudi Arabia from one of his annual vacations from his job.

Gamewatch 3.  Game & Watch

When I was eleven my mother purchased me this handled electronic game unit.  You will be considered one of the cool dudes in school if you own one.  Mine was the Octopus game with a clock and an alarm.  After a little more than a month, I got so familiar with the game that the score would go back to zero when you reach the score of 999.

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