My 2006 Movie of the Year: Mark Meily’s “Sugar”

I have watched a load of movies this year.  A lot of it has actually moved and impressed me.  But my most preferred motion picture this year was never shown on cinemas and theaters.  It is a 15-minute film and was only shown on TV (on ABC 5) and I think is available on mobile phones.

I am talking about the romantic comedy entitled “Sugar”.  It starred Rafael Rosel and Bianca King.  This unfussy yet delightful short-film was directed by Mark Meily. “Sugar” tells the tale of lovers who’ve reached a plateau in their relationship.  Gone grumpy and complaining on her boyfriend’s frosty treatment, the girl decides to spice things up by assuming a secret identity.  She purchased a mobile phone SIM card and conducted a text-message affair with her boyfriend.

Sugar In the coffee shop with her best friend, while exchanging text messages with her boyfriend in her new secret anonymous SIM & cell number, undecided of what name to give, she by chance saw a pack of brown sugar on top of their table and assumed the name “Sugar”.

Thus, the dude didn’t know that his text-mate is actually his girlfriend.  The problem gets complicated when the guy starts to fall for Sugar after a long period of sweet, pleasant and engaging exchanges of text messages.  He decided and invited Sugar for an EB (eyeball or meet).

The scenes on the date of the EB were hilarious, nerve-wracking, intense, stressful, distressing yet lovely, charming and definitely moving.

This movie is not an epic, not a period movie, do not have big stars in the cast, only runs for 15 minutes, did not call for millions to produce, no Oscar winning moments, no typical Pinoy “sampalan” melodramatic scenes.  The message was simply portrayed yet strikingly beautiful.

Indeed, great things come in small and simple packages.  No sugar coating needed! Ang galing galing!

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