Look who’s talking! Watch what your saying Sharon!

Sharon Sharon bothered?  In the news, the Pinoy megastar Sharon Cuneta was being interviewed and is reacting that she has been so bothered by the ongoing news on Metro Manila mayors being suspended left and right.

In the interview Sharon says, "If mayors were found to be corrupt let’s put them in jail not just suspend them.  But make sure of the proofs please."  Look who’s talking!!! Sharon… the loving daughter of the late and former mayor of Pasay City, Pablo Cuneta.

I have written quite a lot already about how bad Pasay is.  I am a living witness on the condition of Pasay since I have been born, raised, presently living and will be laid to rest in this city.  (Yeah, I bought a columbarium space in St. Therese Church near the mega-controversial NAIA Terminal 3 – but will write about it some other time).

I grew up having Pablo Cuneta as my mayor.  Like what it is now, Pasay has been like the way it is… corrupted!  Sharon’s father is no different from these suspended and soon to be suspended mayors.  Everybody knows how corrupted her father was.  It’s just that no one wants to speak-up and dig-out her father’s issues out of respect for the late mayor and for her since everybody’s been so busy being starstrucked with her.

One piece of advice for the megastar on this issue… she should shut the hell up!

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