A Book That Contains Nuggets of Wisdom…

Lalaine Legaspi, an officemate and co-manager from the present company I am working with is responsible for introducing a very enlightening book that is worth reading over and over again.  Maybe, she realized that I am such a dickhead of a worker and needs a lot to enlighten.  She persuaded me of reading a book and even let me scrounge and bring home her copy.  But after perusing each page, I just realized that I must own one for me to pick and read whenever I feel like doing.

Book ‘Only The Real Matters’ by Francis J. Kong is a precious laudable reading material that kept me sound and busy last weekend.  This is actually the 4th time that I have completely read the book.  The writing is simple, the stories presented are cleverly uncomplicated and the values expounded are totally not preachy.

A collection of Mr. Kong’s notable essays and vignettes, ‘Only The Real Matters’ presents insightful glimpses of various successes and triumphs of people in the world of business without overlooking the values of Christian living.  It also imparts notable work ethics that every person must possess to be successful at work and life as a whole.

I may not yet be successful but this book makes my elusive common sense… common.

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