Pinoy Dream Academy Winner… A Fearless Forecast

Last Saturday (Aug 26) while playing ‘tong-its’ with Nengkoy and my sisters, we were watching the launching of Pinoy Dream Academy.  The selected candidates were truly rare talents that still need a bunch of honing.  Negkoy and my elder sister were hoping for Davey Langit to be chosen for he was a distant relative.

After watching, I am quite confident on my fearless forecast on who will bring home the wicked cabbage and be the first Pinoy Dreamer.  She is none other than Rosita Bareng, the petite lady working in Dubai as a domestic helper.  She will be the big winner.  Why? Read on…

  1. Rosita didn’t come from a well-off family.  Pinoys will vote for her since she has the rarest profile. Pinoys love underdogs. 
  2. She is an OFW and a domestic helper at thatI’m sure all Pinoy domestic helpers worldwide would vote for her.  With the present world domination of Pinoy DH, I’m sure their hearts will be with her.
  3. She does not have the typical mixed-race Pinoy look that dominates the Philippine showbiz industry. Her name and looks are soooo Pinoy.  Truly brown in color, vertically challenged, low bridged nose and with deep Pinoy accent.  Mixed-raced looks are starting to become so dorky and boring.
  4. She is not that pretty.  Makeover shows are the hottest TV shows today. There’s ‘The Swan’, ‘Queer Eye for the Straight Guy’, ‘Liga ng Kagandahan’ to name a few.  She will be a legit case for a makeover that will help boost the rating of the show.

Though Rosita Bareng seems less than typical, there’s no diggity she will kick the asses of all the other trashy candidates.

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