The First Runner-Up Goes To… Philippines!

The last time the Philippines placed as a first runner up was in 1999 Miss Universe beauty pageant.  Pinoys will never forget the moment when Miriam Quiambao almost made it to the top.

This year, the Philippines again failed to be at the top.  This occassion is not in the Miss Universe pageant or any other international beauty title.  It is about being the Most Corrupt country in Asia.  We loose to Indonesia!

Yes people!  Philippines is the 2nd most corrupt country in whole Asia.  I blame all the government officials and employees!  They’re such a bunch of wimps!

Corrupt They could have cheated and pocketed more money from the people!  They could have received more bribes!  They could have corrupted better!  They could have scraped more cash out from the government’s money pot!  Pinoys won’t mind.  Pinoys have been experiencing this for the past 25 years or so.  We must not allow any other country to be on top concerning this filthy reputation.

All government employees must and needs to undergo retraining so that next year we will be at the prime standing! A strict "fraudulent and dishonesty test" must be given to those entering the government.  2006 Nursing Board Exam cheaters can be exempted from this exam.  They’re already qualified for high ranking position in the government.

The administration must ban those investigative TV programs showing the great corruption practices in the government.  This inhibits these people to continue their cunning money making ventures like ‘kotong’, kickbacks,under-the-table-transactions and ‘local government 15/30 employees payroll scheme’.

WowWe should never allow being just a second fiddle!  The President must include this in her agenda.  Now that she is gearing towards creating mega-metro-regions, there would be more funds to be stolen!

The Philippines will not be the Philippines without corruption!  Next year, if the country won’t be selected as the most corrupt, I might start thinking of migrating to another country.  Where?  Maybe Indonesia!

1 thought on “The First Runner-Up Goes To… Philippines!

  1. sir, while i do agree that many government officials and employees are corrupt, i could not say ALL of them are. in fact, i have classmates working in the government who participate in cleansing strategies, one that will clean up their seniors’ mess and eliminate succeeding ‘works of evil’.

    bottomline, i am still saddened by the fact that the philippines is the 2nd most corrupt. i am saddened all the more because there are willing victims among us, as if hypnotized by corrupt individuals. i am saddened three times over because corruption i the country seems to be an epidemic that cannot be contained. at the ultimate level, i am saddened because many of us, including myself, have not done anything against the spread of this cancer.


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