Obstacle Course… Pasay City Style

Pasay Pasay City is one of the four original cities of Metro Manila.  Though it is a pioneering city of the metropolis, development is tremendously slow.  One reason is because of a deep-rooted long history of corruption in the local government.

In 2004 the city lived up to its tagname "Aim High Pasay!" when the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) gave the honor to a Barangay in Pasay as the dirtiest in Metro Manila overthrowing the classic and world renowned Smokey Mountain on top of the list.

Dog2 Walking along the streets of Pasay is like being subjected to an obstacle course beating those difficult yet challenging trails in the popular TV show ‘Amazing Race’.  Full concentration and focus is needed while trekking for you might fall victim to an experience that is beyond human comprehension!  Here are the top seven obstacles you have to surpass ala ‘Fear Factor’ episode when walking along the streets of Pasay:

Top 7    Slippery wet alleyways, streets and roads due to outdated and leaking city plumbing system and poor, if not lacking, household drainage

Top 6    Creepy ‘Taong Grasa’ (loony, psychotic or schizophrenic mortals)

Top 5  – Disgusting vomit from beer-bellied souls who have been nauseously drunk the previous night

Top 4    Scary half-naked, red-eyed and stick figured drug addicts

Top 3  – Deadly and filthy street dogs that has yet to be injected with anti-rabies

Top 2  – Noisy, dirty and sour-smelling kids with ‘kuto’ (hair lice) being products of population explosion

Top 1  – Yucky dog poop

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