The Mesmerizing… Leah Salonga

Lesmiserables A couple of years ago, through my old VHS player, I was able to watch the 10th year anniversary concert of Les Miserables.  It featured the dream cast of selected performers who starred in the musical play.  While watching it, I did not expect that Lea Salonga performed the songs of Eponine.  Watching Lea Salonga in that concert gave me humungous goose bumps.  Her performance sent chills throughout my spine!

Even though I knew that that time she already starred in Miss Saigon and won awards on it, plus a couple of Disney recordings, it made me truly realize that she has been the biggest world-class Filipino artist.

Leasalonga2 There are claims by people who can see and read a person’s past-life that Lea Salonga in her former life was a woman with a pure perfect voice.  It was so enchantingly beautiful that any person who hears it will be hypnotized or set in a trance.  Due to this rare talent she was persecuted because people (in that dark age) thought she was a witch.

In the late 80’s when Lea Salonga was being interviewed by the ‘reyna ng intriga’ Inday Badiday in Eye-to-Eye (there was no Miss Saigon yet – not even the auditions happening here in Manila).  If my memory serves me right, Lea was promoting a movie entitled Pik-Pak-Boom a movie starring her with Lilet and Herbert Bautista.  In the same segment, a fortune teller was present.  In that show, it is not rare for Tita Luds (Inday Badiday) to guest a fortune teller since she’s seems fascinated with the futurity of Pinoy celebrities (yeah! the rumormonger loves a starmonger).  Still In that segment, Tita Luds asked the starmonger what will become of Lea Salonga in the future.  The fortune teller replied that Lea will become a well known personality internationally.  The cunningman added that he is seeing a ‘Miss’ in Lea’s name like that of a beauty queen (Miss World, Miss International, Miss Universe).  Tita Luds commented that she will not be surprised if Lea will become an international beauty queen since the young lady is beautiful and certainly witty.  Lea with a full smile, on the other hand, replies that she doesn’t have any desire of joining a beauty contest!

Lea_salonga A couple of months later, Lea Salonga after a tedious world-wide selection process was chosen to perform the lead role of Miss Saigon in London.

Amazing right?!  I bet Lea Salonga do not remember this interview neither her past-life.

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