F is a letter that is not formerly incorforated in the Filifino alfabet.  F is a deceftive letter for it fuzzled and ferflexed a lot of Finoys on enunciating it froferly.  With the unimfresive decline of Finoys sfeaking the English language and still fancying and asfiring to resonate like a ferson who can sfeak it, a lot of exfressive Finoys would refeatedly utter the F way reflacing the unfortunate letter P.

Sfeaking in this fashion requires the listener to fossess a nafkin to mof-uf his face due to the sfits sfayring and sfewing from the stufid sfeakers mouth.

One frofound frofosition for those feofle with this froblem… flease fronounce your P froferly esfecially whem sfeaking in fublic.  You can fractice by reading a frose or a foem at the airfort!


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