Superman has a son… I don’t believe it!

Dad  I watched ‘Superman Returns’ three times in three different movie houses just to review all over again if Superman actually has an offspring.  All silly movie viewers who saw it concluded that the cute kiddo is Superman’s child.  Sorry folks, but the movie did not in any way mention that he has a son.  There’s technically no information to confirm 100% 

Yeah, Lois has a son (Jason).  She also has a husband, okay?! 

Yeah, Lois whispered something to Superman at the hospital while recuperating.  But no one knows what it was. She might be saying “Spiderman is also good looking” or something! 

Jason2 Yeah, Lois’ son pushed a grand piano to save his mom.  He is also asthmatic or maybe it’s caused by the boat rocking through the ocean or maybe his father Richard White (Lois’ husband) is also an alien with superpowers whom his spawn inherits! 

Yeah, Superman seems to be so emotionally attached to the kid!  So what?  With a cute face like that of the kid, who wouldn’t? 

Yeah, Superman mentioned “You may sometimes be an outcast, but you will never be alone… Father becomes a son and son becomes a father”.  Will somebody explain what the beep does that mean? 

Superman1_1 Yeah, Lois’ son mentioned that he liked Superman. So what? Everybody love Superman!

If ever it’s true, then I don’t like the idea.  I demand a DNA test!  Now na!

2 thoughts on “Superman has a son… I don’t believe it!

  1. Hahahha, Neil! You’re so funny. “Father becomes a son and son becomes a father” – by all indication our beloved Clark indeed has a son. Better believe it na. Yes, it’s confirmed and based on the comics story edition, except that in the movie they made it appear less conspicuous, mag-isip daw ang audience to that effect.

    Keep posting, I enjoy reading your blog.


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